Omnisys designed, tested and manufactured the Power Control and Distribution Unit, or PCDU, for the two Prisma satellites called Mango and Tango. Prisma is a Swedish-led satellite project with the objective to develop and qualify new technology necessary for future science missions in space.

The development of the PCDU for the Prisma satellites builds on our previous experience from designing and manufacturing the PCDU for the Smart-1 satellite. The main PCDU distributes and controls the power generated from the solar arrays to all the different uses on the satellites via latching current limiters, or LCLs. It controls the power flow to the battery and distributes its power to the on-board instruments, the heaters and the propulsion system.

Key Features

  • The main Prisma PCDU has access to solar array power of 600 W and handles 36 users (LCL) with a user power of 28 V regulated up to 6A.
  • The Battery Energy is > 250 Wh and it uses a CAN bus and pulse telecommands control interface.
  • The system contains Li-Ion batteries for supplying power during sun eclipses.
  • All control functions are hot redundant, allowing for any single failure to occur without affecting the system performance. This is achieved through triple redundancy and voting of both digital and analogue control functions.
  • Worst Case, Part Stress and FMECA analysis have been performed successfully. Furthermore, necessary qualification tests including vibration, EMC, thermal vacuum, functional and performance have also been executed.

Main Application Fields

  • Technology demonstrator