Microwave engineer

Omnisys has developed and delivered microwave and radiometer system for ground based and satellite platform for close to 30 years. The development team is agile, and we have a well-equipped lab for both instrument work up to THz frequencies and space qualification.


We are now entering into a new phase with very exciting projects with constellations of satellites with advanced radiometers including receivers between 50-650 GHz and we now need to expand our team.


Omnisys Instruments AB is a subsidiary of AAC Clyde Space AB whose share is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. The Group’s operations are conducted in Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and in the US.


Microwave engineer

Work description:

Microwave design, verification and documentation of PCB’s with filters, couplers, matching structures etc. Sub system design with LNA’s, amplifiers and mixers. Most of the work will below 40 GHz.

Skills and background:

  • Linear simulation in tools like Microwave Office
  • 3d simulation in tools like HFSS
  • Nonlinear simulation in Microwave office or ADS
  • PCB layout
  • Experience from relevant tests and test instruments
  • System knowledge and able to break down general specifications to requirements on design level.

If you have any question, please contact Mats Lindgren +46 31-7343416 or e-mail mali@omnisys.se

Please send us your application as soon as possible to career@omnisys.se. If you don’t have all the experience today but is willing to learn, you are also most welcome with your application.