About Omnisys

At Omnisys we strive to engineer the most technically advanced, affordable and user-oriented technology solutions possible. Most of our products and services are developed in close collaboration with leading institutes in the field of space and satellite research. We specialize in development and production of high performance electronics hardware for the space industry, yet our technology and test labs can also be used for other scientific, security and med-tech applications. Major clients and partners are the European Space Agency, the Swedish Space Corporation, the Swedish National Space Board, RUAG Space and the European Southern Observatory. We have delivered space flight hardware for a number of Swedish satellite projects such as ODIN, SMART-1, and PRISMA.



Omnisys Instruments AB was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1992 by Dr Anders Emrich and Stefan Andersson. The first major assignment for the newly established company was the ODIN satellite, which was developed by the Swedish Space Corporation. When ODIN was launched in 2001, Omnisys had delivered several subsystems for the radiometer payload such as the spectrometer and phase lock system. In 1993 Omnisys was awarded with the first ESA development contract and has ever since been engaged in continuous European development programs. During the years 1998 to 2001 Omnisys contributed to the Swedish led SMART-1 satellite project by delivering the power conditioning and distribution unit, or the PCDU. Omnisys also provided the PCDUs for the Swedish led PRISMA mission and in 2007 Omnisys was selected as main supplier of 58 Water Vapour Radiometers for the ALMA radio astronomy facility in Chile.  Since 2011, Omnisys is prime contractor for STEAMR, a Swedish follow up on the successful Odin project. Omnisys today employs 31 highly qualified employees, including seven Ph.D.'s, has a global network of partners and expertise and is established as one of the leading Swedish space SMEs.